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Online Learning = Lots of Happy Trainers

If you’re a training junkie like me, you want to be at it all the time. Always learning, always improving, always enjoying new challenges with your own dogs and pushing your skills farther for your own clients.

I offer two levels of courses to keep you happily occupied whenever you can grab some training time:

  • On-Demand Video Lessons

    Brilliant Heeling

    You know it when you see it.  The team in the ring moves together with precision and confidence, and you can see by the dogs bright eyes and happy heeling that the dog knows how to win in heeling.  That is brilliant heeling!  This video has over an hour of instruction, including both video of different dogs working on heeling skill sets and lecture.  Whether you are just starting to teach heeling or you are looking for help with a heeling problem, the skill sets in this video will set you and your dog up for success on your road to the flashy, distinctive and precise heeling that makes your performance in the ring brilliant!

    This is a seminar style course. All material available as one video.

  • Self Study - Nose Work

    Iron Dog Training Challenge – Nose Work


    Ready to get creative? Want to think outside the box (WHAT BOX!?) and have some summer fun? Time for the Iron Dog Training Challenge, nose work style! Each week a new challenge will be revealed. It will be a skill applied to an element. How creative can your hide get? How much thought do you place into your training, time to show it off! This class is appropriate for all dogs that are doing multiple hides, as some weeks will include multiple hide placements.

    This course is a self study course. All lecture material is available.

    Odor Confidence

    Do you have a dog that passes by odor, even after acknowledging it? Do you see your dog’s alert behavior become weaker and less obvious in a trial or when training in a new area? Does your dog spend a lot of time looking at you while searching, hoping that you’ll help them in the search? All of these issues are Odor Confidence issues. Your dog may recognize odor but struggle to have the confidence to alert you. This 4 week class will address the reasons for this and help you and your dog develop the skills needed to succeed in even challenging environments. It’s a great course for a dog that has slowed down in searching, a less experienced dog that needs more confidence in training and a team that wants to make sure their training makes them rock solid for upcoming trials.

    On Sale: 4/1
    First Class: 4/5
    Off Sale: 4/9

  • Self Study - Obedience

    Building Fluency – Adding Distractions and Proofing

    How do you get behaviors that are super solid and ring ready? How do you know when your dog is ready to show or match? Fluency training provides the dog and handler with information on how reliable your performance skills are. What is fluency training? It’s training that gets your dog ready for the unexpected, the new distraction and the different training venue. By introducing your dog to distractions in a very positive way, you can build the durability and reliability to your behaviors. The best part? You and your canine partner can have fun doing it!!

    This course is a self study course. All lecture material is available.

    Clarifying Criteria for You and Your Dog

    This class is going to break down criteria and break down exercises to demonstrate the importance of criteria.  Once a handler begins to understand WHY criteria is so important, they begin to understand the true use of operant conditioning and controlling where reinforcement is given.  The important stress in this class will be educating the trainer to define, identify and keep criteria in their training.  This leads to happy dogs and happy trainers!

    This course is self study. All lecture material is already available.

    Engagement – The Real Deal in Dog Training


    Have lovely behavior chains, but once you go on the road your dog doesn’t pay attention to your or your reinforcement? Getting your dog confident and comfortable enough to work is a key part of training. Whether your dog is fearful, over exuberantly friendly or just tends to want to sniff the ground rather than play with you, this course will get the two of you on the same track to get training in new places.

    This course is a self study course. All lecture material is available.

    Get Novice/Open Ready

    Note: This course does not cover the changes to AKC Novice/Open regarding stays or the command discrimination exercise.

    Ready to get your Novice and Open skills ring ready? Do you want to make sure that you have a training plan for open, even if you are still training Novice? This is the class for you! We think in terms of skill sets and the skill sets that you need for Novice and Open are covered in this class. Heeling, SFE, recalls, retrieves, and stay work are all covered. Let’s get ready for Novice and Open!

    This is a self study course. All lectures material is available.

    Get Open/Utility Ready!

    Note: This course does not cover the changes to AKC Open/Utility regarding stays or the command discrimination exercise or slight changes to judging methods in articles.

    Utility is not futility! If you are looking for ideas and help training open or utility skills, we have ideas for you. Making smart use of your reinforcement, to get the behaviors you want, is essential as you add more skill sets to your training. Putting those behaviors together to build a performance is a big part of training, especially as you head towards Utility.

    This course is self study. All lecture material is already available.

    Iron Dog Training Challenge – Obedience


    Are you ready for some inventive fluency/proofing ideas? Do you want to work with other trainers that also are taking their training to the next level? Then this is the class for you! Every week a new training challenge! This is a fluency class for obedience, so we take the show on the road every other week, and each week secret ingredients are revealed, and must be used to pass that week’s challenge. Each week we will rotate from a familiar environment to a new environment. Each week you will be given 3 items I want included in that week’s training session.

    This course is self study. All lecture material is already available.

    Polished Performance Series – Part I

    4 Week Course

    Love training your dog? Does everything look great until you get to a match or show? Wondering how to get from “here”, your training building, to “there”, a polished ring performance? Here is the class, well a series of classes actually, to help you! In this, the first of a series of classes, we will take a look at the first four foundations to your performance, engagement when you want to train, getting your dog to love going in the ring, heeling and stay behaviors.

    This course is self study. All lecture material is already available.

    Real Life Recalls

    Not for show but for real!  Real life recalls are one of the most important skills your dog can have, and one of the most challenging to teach, why?  Because there is real life all around you, and you can’t always plan for the unexpected, or can you?  What is the biggest failure most trainers make when teaching this?  How can you set you and your dog up for success in training?  We will break down the recall step by step, first teaching the behavior, then teaching the dog to love their recall, even coming off of tough environmental distractions.

    This course is a self study course. All lecture material is available.

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