“We owe our Nosework career to Margaret”
“Edge loves his online classes with Margaret and has not only excelled in nose work, but gained a lot of confidence. Our classes with Margaret have given us the knowledge and skills for competition. Edge has earned his NW1 and NW2 with a lot of placements, and he is ready to enter NW3. Edge was able to meet Margaret at our NW2 trial and you can see how much he loves training with her! We owe our Nosework career to Margaret!”
–Melissa Chandler

“I could not have done it without Margaret!”
“I have been taking classes with Margaret for many years. She is a wise and thoughtful trainer who really understands how dogs learn and what motivates them. Her classes are small in size, everyone gets individualized instruction, and each week we work on different skills in preparation for competition obedience. She helped me set my training goals and understand how to reach them. She provided feedback and encouragement every step of the way. I trained my Sophie through utility and I could not have done it without Margaret!”

“Margaret changed my life with my dog, Stella.”
“I have been taking dog training classes for almost 18 years – once I began nosework dog training with Margaret, I had my first real “Aha” moment, and my whole understanding of how a dog’s brain and motivation works took a dramatic shift. Margaret teaches principles of Operant Learning in a way that is easily digested and applied. She is so grounded in her knowledge of learning theory and dog behavior. She not only teaches, but she truly inspires her students. She blends the science of dog training with genuine compassion. She is so completely devoted to the success of each of her students, dogs and humans alike. She shares the best anecdotes, including the personal successes and failures she has had training her own dogs. Margaret changed my life with my dog, Stella. Early on, Margaret taught me how the principles of freedom of choice for an animal combined with well timed reinforcement can lead to increased confidence, especially in an anxious or fearful dog. Margaret has truly transformed what I have been able to accomplish with Stella, not just only in nosework but in virtually all aspects of our training.”

“Reach your potential as a trainer”
“I have trained with Margaret both on-line and in a small group setting. She is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in reinforcement based dog training and treats her students with as much respect and compassion as the dogs she trains, an extremely rare attribute! Margaret brings a great sense of humor and playfulness to dog training while still holding herself and her students to high a level of performance. She is continually seeking out advanced and diverse opportunities for continuing education and shares her new knowledge with enthusiasm. Margaret drives herself to high levels of performance and as her student you will be given the skills and knowledge to reach your potential as a trainer while having the time of your life!”

“Huge rewards… so much fun to train with”
“Margaret’s cognitive behavior training has changed the way we work with our dogs…with huge rewards. She sees subtle elements of our dogs that we never would have and gives us the tools to shape their behavior in a positive manner. And the bonus is, she’s so much fun to train with—for us and our dogs!”

“I have taken both private lessons and classes with Margaret. Margaret approaches training with an understanding of operant conditioning and positive reinforcement. This means that the human is learning right along with the dog. Margaret communicates in clear, easily understood language and encourages her students to communicate clearly with their dog. She facilitates the relationship between handler and dog. Margaret is funny and fun. I look forward to training with Margaret and always leave a class with something to think about.”

“Bring out the best in your dog’s performance”
“Whether you hope to compete at top levels or simply nurture a reliable partnership with your dog, Margaret will show you how to motivate your canine partner to succeed. Her highly individualized approach, even in a class setting, takes into account the innate characteristics of the dog’s breed and his unique personality and talents, as she shows you how to bring out the best in your dog’s performance. Both dogs and students flourish in the completely positive environment that Margaret provides.”

Post Script from Finn, Barb’s rescued Golden Retriever:
“I love Margaret! She makes learning fun and she makes it very clear what she wants me to do. I like to do the stuff she asks because I can tell she likes me. Even when I make mistakes, she never acts disappointed–so I try even harder!”

“Fixed our serious behavior problems”
“I have two rescue Aussies; both came into my home with serious behavior problems that made them difficult pets. Ms Simek worked with me to fix those problems in gentle but highly effective ways. Now both dogs are wonderful pets beloved by my four grandchildren.”

“I go to the best, and the best is Margaret”
“Training with Margaret is an absolute joy, so much so that I’m taking all three of my dogs through her Nose Work and my boy Rōnin through her Competition Obedience class. As a side comment, I make a living as a professional animal trainer, and when I become a student, I go to the best, and the best is Margaret. Even Doctors and Dentists have to go and see other doctors 😉 Her pleasant demeanor and professionalism dealing with the dogs and humans is incredible. A constant smile and laugh is radiating from Margaret which puts the dogs and owners in a similar happy state of mind whenever we are in her building. My dogs pull their way from the car straight to Margaret’s front door because of how much they enjoy training with her. Her ability to work with dogs of all sizes and temperaments is wonderful, from my fearful and anxious Cleo, to my dog reactive boy Kit, and my bumbling adolescent Rōnin. She is adaptive at changing her training on the fly to accommodate not only the dog’s personally needs but also the owner’s. Never pushing the dog or owner too far or making them feel uncomfortable. It’s an absolute joy to work with Margaret and it feels more like you are hanging with a friend then you are with an instructor, all while being taught to have a better connection and reliability with your dog. Another wonderful characteristic of Margaret is her desire to continue her education to become a better trainer (is this even possible?), her work with Bob Bailey and Parvene Farhoody in their Chicken Workshops has brought a lot of great training techniques and practices to our classroom. I look forward to working with Margaret for many years to come.”

“I am so glad I found her”
“When I first started training with Margaret, the dogs and I had to unlearn what we had been doing for years. She analyzed each of my dog’s specific needs and then developed a creative and innovative training plan for us. Her positive methods using reinforcements for meeting “criteria” has done wonders for my dogs. I am so glad I found her! We also joined her Nosework class and have had fantastic success.”