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Brilliant Heeling

You know it when you see it.  The team in the ring moves together with precision and confidence, and you can see by the dogs bright eyes and happy heeling that the dog knows how to win in heeling.  That is brilliant heeling!  This video has over an hour of instruction, including both video of different dogs working on heeling skill sets and lecture.  Whether you are just starting to teach heeling or you are looking for help with a heeling problem, the skill sets in this video will set you and your dog up for success on your road to the flashy, distinctive and precise heeling that makes your performance in the ring brilliant!

This is a seminar style course. All material available as one video.

Simek Foundation Nose Work Seminar

This live seminar of Margaret’s Foundation Nose Work Program will allow you to not only see the method that has taken dogs from their first introduction to odor right through the Elite level. Each game is explained, dogs are worked on the game and you see the real time coaching and feedback that Margaret gives to each team.

This seminar was fun and the group was awesome! To say that it was a pleasure to work with them is an understatement. That is what  Margaret’s Nose Work program promotes, excellent training while having a great time doing it. One Happy Dog is the result,  and happy handlers, too.

Margaret pioneered this method of Nose Work training after working with Bob Bailey, Parvene Farhoody and Randy Hare.  Inspired by these cutting edge trainers, she came up with games to take your dog from odor recognition to odor obedience in a way that is outstanding. This method is now used by trainers around the world.

This course is a seminar style course. Material is available as one video.

Free Lesson: May I have this leash please

You know that old saying “turn that frown upside down”, well we can DO that!  You can take a simple thing like taking your dog’s leash on and off, for ring performance, something your dog looks forward to.  Don’t overlook this important training.

Free Lesson: Get In To Win

Training your dog to love their “come to heel” cue is the important first step in obedience training.  Make sure your dog loves coming to work with you and you will have a partner dying to work!

Nosework Container Confidence

Container work is a common source of frustration for trainers and handlers. I’ll explain why distractions in containers can be so challenging for your dog, and then show you what to do to help your dog beat the container challenge.   Let’s get containers with confidence!

This course is a seminar style course. All material is available as one video.