A New Path

A New Path

Over the years my training and my training business have been a work in progress. I always strive to make training enjoyable for the dog as well as the student, and over the years have adjusted my classes and my own training to reflect that. I also decided a long time ago, I will not do anything in this business that does not make me happy. If I am not enjoying the class, or the lessons, then I know my students cannot. This has led me to a new path in my on line classes, one I have been thinking about a long time.

When I started teaching my on line sport classes, I wanted to get great dog training information out to my students, even ones that I could not see in person, at my training facility here in Mundelein IL. What I miss most in my on-line classes vs. my in-person classes, is that week to week interaction. That’s where I get to know you and your dog, every week seeing where we are in our goals for training. In my on-line classes I would see students in a class for 4 to 6 weeks, and then not see them again, maybe months. Also, I was offering topic classes, which are great, but not the way I would get a student ready for competition.

As a result, big changes are coming to OHD as I align my on-line classes with my classes here, which have been successful. I want to offer mentorship to my on line students, as I do my in person students, and the way I have chosen to do this is through the OHD Performance Mentorship Program. This new training opportunity makes me so happy! I have thought long and hard about how to really help my on line students in the best way I can. I want to have a program where we can train every week, and at the same time, encourage and develop our training with continuous support from myself as well as their class mates.

So here comes the new program! I will be offering the Performance Mentorship Program program for both obedience and Nose Work students. I decided to have the class very limited, to 10 participants, and here is a biggy, NO AUDITORS. I felt this was huge to keep the class an intimate place that I could train with my students and also have them feel safe in sharing with the class their triumphs as well as struggles. I will continue to offer Sport Intensives, classes that are topic generated and allow auditors, so check my upcoming classes for the schedule.

The other specifics of the class will are in my newsletter. I wanted to make this class affordable, and I also wanted to encourage long term participation, so the price is reduced for students committing to longer memberships. There are other benefits besides the class, so take a look at my newsletter, available on my FB page.

To say that I am excited about this new training option is an understatement! Contact me for more information, or to see if this class is right for you. I will look forward to training with you soon.

Happy Training to you and your dog!

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  1. rachael para October 19, 2015 at 5:45 pm #

    Sign me up, I need a trainer and this is the ticket. I can totally understand your teaching and how you speak and love that your into competition. Your interval class has open my mind and given me a program I can follow so I’m in.

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