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Side Effects of Good Training – Revisited

Over a year and a half ago, I posted a blog called the Side Effects of Good Training talking about how life (and competition!) for my anxiety dog is easier and better because of the training techniques that I use. Einstein had his last obedience show over three years ago, and at the time, I […]

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In All Fairness

You go to buy a vehicle and the seller says to you, “in all fairness, the car needs new brakes”. You are going to buy a house and “in all fairness”, the seller discloses that a big box store will be built next door. You decide to go on vacation to another country, and your […]

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Stating the obvious, or are you?

Did you ever have a conversation with someone, and you thought you were talking about the same thing, and at some point, you realize you may not be? I always think of the credit card commercial with “Frog Protection” or is it “Fraud Protection”? Frog/fraud/frog/fraud, then they both agree they are talking about the same […]

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Strong Starts

Getting a strong start has been on my mind a lot recently, for many reasons. One is that it is so important, in any sport, to be able to start your performance with strong intent, from both you and your dog. In obedience this means walking into that ring and you and your dog are […]

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