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Change Comes From the Inside

As I watched the young, 8 month old German Shepherd Dog spin and bark in its crate, I was wondering if there was any amount of money worth doing this at 9a.m. on a Sunday morning, it seemed like a good idea on a Tuesday afternoon, when I scheduled the lesson!   Once I covered the crate […]

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The Positive Proof

How can making something harder to do make it better? How can I challenge my dog’s understanding of what to do when distracted without discouraging them? I call it the positive proof, teaching your dog that they can gain reinforcement by fighting through the distraction. Here are some thoughts on proofing your dog in a […]

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Toothpicks in My Eyes

That’s how I feel as a trainer sometimes.  I have to put toothpicks in my eyes, like a cartoon character, so I don’t blink and miss something.  It’s those moments that you blink that you could miss exactly what you wanted to see. Seeing the animal’s behavior, what is actually happening as you train, is […]

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Getting The Strong Behavior You Want In Training

You know your dog “knows it”, right?  They know what you want them to do.  So you stand there waiting and they don’t do it.  Why?  Why won’t they heel or stand, or retrieve, when you have seen them do that behavior before?  Ahhhhhh, the great quest in dog training, behavior momentum!!  That is the […]

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Your Chicken’s Not Ready

The words ran through my mind last weekend when I was showing Maggie, a little Russell Terrier, in Utility at a big busy show.  She did a beautiful signal exercise and the next exercise was scent discrimination and when she went out to the pile, she selected the correct article and carried it right out […]

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Engaging Your Dog to Start Training

So, I want to train my dog, but before I can do that, I have to get my dog to want me to work them.  That’s the crux of positive dog training; the dog wants to do it so bad, that you allow them to work with you.  Engagement is the name of the game.  I looked up […]

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How To Train A Chicken To Drop On Recall

I mean a Corgi to Drop on Recall, sure felt like a chicken, though J  As some of you know, I’ve been training with Bob Bailey and Parvene  Farhoody at their Operant Conditioning workshops this summer.  I’ve been training chickens, or more correctly “chicken models” (no swimsuits needed!).   It’s been an eye opening experience for me.  These girls are quick, and […]

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