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Toothpicks in My Eyes

That’s how I feel as a trainer sometimes.  I have to put toothpicks in my eyes, like a cartoon character, so I don’t blink and miss something.  It’s those moments that you blink that you could miss exactly what you wanted to see. Seeing the animal’s behavior, what is actually happening as you train, is […]

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How To Train A Chicken To Drop On Recall

I mean a Corgi to Drop on Recall, sure felt like a chicken, though J  As some of you know, I’ve been training with Bob Bailey and Parvene  Farhoody at their Operant Conditioning workshops this summer.  I’ve been training chickens, or more correctly “chicken models” (no swimsuits needed!).   It’s been an eye opening experience for me.  These girls are quick, and […]

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