Self Study - Obedience

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Deconstructing the Retrieve

4 Week Course

Are you getting ready to start teaching your dog a retrieve?  Maybe you have started but are stuck somewhere in the shaping of it.  Do you find that you have an unwanted behavior in your retrieve such as playing with the dumbbell before picking it up, or mouthing it after the pick up? Then this class is for you!  We talk about why the retrieve can be difficult to train, why errors are so easy to chain in and how to go step by step through the teaching of the retrieve.  We take apart the steps of teaching a retrieve and break it down, break it down, break it down for you and your dog!

This course is a self study course. All lecture material is available.


Power Performance


If you’re ready to really get your dog’s performance looking sharp, this class is for you, whatever your sport of choice. I’ll show you techniques for getting the behavior you want and honing it to perfection.

This course is self study. All lecture material is already available.