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You get lessons. Each week a video lesson designed to take your nosework skills up a level. No more getting stuck in the abyss of false alerts, drive-by alerts, confusion on how to search an area, or any of the other skill deficiencies that can suck the joy out of your training. Let’s get the training going in the right direction and moving forward.

You get a dedicated Facebook Group. This group is there for you to get ideas, post ideas, ask questions, answer questions, watch videos of training, and post your videos for feedback. Our schedules are all so different, and now we can interact in a real time way that gets you help when you need it most.

Live Coaching Calls. Every week we will meet together and discuss topics that will increase our knowledge and skill in NW. You will get inspired to train that week with ideas that set your training sessions up for success. Every Wednesday at 5:15 p.m. CT we meet together, and every week, we will have a place to ask questions and get real live answers and discussion. If you can’t make it, no worries! I will record the meeting so you can view it later.

Registrations closes on Jan 22nd

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Weekly Lesson – $300 Value
Four Live Group Coaching Calls – $400
Dedicated Facebook Group – $110

All for $150/Month per working spot

Membership Not For You?

Trainer on Demand (30 minute call) – $75
Private Zoom Lesson – $100/hour
In-person Lessons – $100/hour

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